Huddersfield Library & Art Gallery
Princess Alexandra Walk

28th February, 2014
Ref: Karl Green
Greens Mechanical Services
17, Sage Grove

Dear Karl,

We spoke previously about your work here at Huddersfield Library and I’m sorry I haven’t put pen to paper until now. You undertook replacement of our gas heating plant last winter, on behalf of colleagues in Premises, Resources & Procurement.

I lack the technical knowledge to comment properly on the boiler replacement, but as a building manager, I can say that you and your staff are some of the very best contractors we have ever had working here. Very safety-conscious, you had your own signing-in procedures, health & safety notices, risk assessments and other documentation and you and your sub-contractors all followed the procedures faultlessly. Impeccably clean, you and your staff cleaned and tidied up after every single workday – absolutely no mess left for anyone else – and the finished boiler-room is now probably the neatest, cleanest and most professional-looking room in the whole building!

I was aware of the lengths you took to ensure all your staff and sub-contractors were as completely informed about the job as possible – indeed, perhaps the only request you made of me was to assist in photocopying drawings, electrical charts, etc., for all your staff.

You and your staff were courteous and polite with Library staff, always cheerful and accommodating. You and your colleagues were happy to assist us with a number of issues not strictly within the requirements of your contract, such as helping us manage the temporary boiler we had in place, electrical issues – even acting as ad hoc parking attendant on occasion!

I have found it rare to find contractors here who are at the same time at the top of their game from a professional point of view and also such absolute gentlemen and a pleasure to work with. I would heartily recommend you to anyone who might wish to employ your services in the future.

Yours Sincerely,

Jon Davis FRSA
Customer Service Manager